Introducing the first NFT secured fashion brand with proof of ownership

With every NF360 NFT you become eligible to claim an exclusive fashion item. With our proof of ownership system you can show, that you are part of the exclusive NF360 community.

How to buy an NF360 NFT?

We show you how to buy your first NF360 NFT

The NF360 Minting Service Explained

If you want to buy an NF360 NFT, but you have no experience with cryptocurrencies, then the minting service is the right option for you.

The minting service is completely free, you only have to purchase the NF360 NFT in advance. But you don’t have to do it with cryptocurrency. We offer you standard payment methods, like credit card and direct bank transfer.

To apply for the minting service, you just schedule a 1-on-1 call with us on Calendly. 

What is included in the free minting service? The minting service includes setting up your first Solana blockchain wallet, transferring the needed amount of Solana to the wallet and going with you through the first NFT minting experience. We will explain everything to you step by step, so that you acquire a basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Collection #1 Designs

Have a look at the designs of our first collection: The Matti Collection #1


How to claim your NF360 Shirt?

You already bought an NFT? Claim your shirt soon

Can everybody buy an NF360 T-shirt?

No, you only buy a T-shirt, by holding an NF360 NFT. If you are the minter (first buyer) of an NFT, the T-shirt is included in the minting price. 

If the NFT is sold or gets transferred to another holder, the new holder will need to purchase a T-shirt in the NF360 web application.

How can you claim your shirt?

The T-shirt claiming system should be ready in the next two weeks (today is September 11th 2022).

When it is ready, you will be able to login into our web application and claim your NF360 Shirt. You will be able to select a size and submit your address. We will then personalize your NF360 T-shirt and send it to you.

The NF360 Social Page explained

Proof of ownership stored on the blockchain

social page

What are the benefits of a personal social page?

The unique QR Code on the back of your T-shirt will lead to your personal social page. The social page is your proof of ownership.

It will display the information that you choose in our web application and also the NFT that you own. 

The combination of an NFT, a matching shirt and a social page is what makes all NF360 fashion items unforgeable.


Exclusive benefits for NF360 NFT holders

Exclusive fashion items as proof of ownership.

Free shirt and worldwide shipping for every initial buyer (minter).

Access to exclusive holder events and communities.

Voting rights for future brand decisions.

Added value. Your NFT and shirt become more valuable.

Early supporters will be highly rewarded for their trust in NF360.

Show that you own an expensive NFT without showing your wallet.

You support the collection artist who benefits from every NFT sale.

Collaboration with known artists

How the blockchain makes collaborations super transparent

Get to know the NF360 Artists

Matti Pietari Järvinen is an traditional painter and NFT artist living and working in Kouvola, Finland. 

Järvinen started to make art in 2017 and you can see primitive art influencing in his pictorial expression.  He draws inspiration from people and life around him but above all – from his emotions. Järvinen loves to use bright colors and strong contrasts on his works. His work has been in exhibitions and sold to collectors across the globe. He does not want to divide himself into a representative of any particular art trend.

Matti Pietari Järvinen​

Find Matti on Social Media


We are just getting started!

Become part of the NF360 movement. We build awesome solutions on the blockchain and benefit from them as a community. Here are some milestones, that we are looking to achieve:

- TEAM -

Our Team of Blockchain, IT and Fashion Experts



Partner & Shareholder
Product Development


Partner & Shareholder
Marketing and Finances



Partner & Shareholder
IT and Finances



Social Media Assistant


Assistant Board of Directors

- FAQ -

Frequently Asked Questions about NF360

NF360 NFTs are very rare digital assets. Most other NFT collections include thousand and thousand of NFTs with slim to none utility features. NF360 NFTs are combined with a physical asset. The belonging fashion becomes therefore a collectible. The value kann be presented publicly which comes with additional social advantages. The artists whose work is printed on the shirts are already successful. As soon as the artists gets more successful, the more the NFT increases in value. Buyers of the first NF360 collection will of course have a special treatment when we drop more collections.

Approximately after 30 days every hodler is able to order his own shirt, which corresponds to the minted NFT. After approximately 60 days the shirts will be shipped worldwide – at no charges at all.

We will be the first NFT provider who will actually host hodler events. We will consider countries and locations which are convenient for our hodlers. We will include our hodlers in the choosing process, as well.

There are plenty of luxury brand. But none where the value is connected to an unforgeable digital asset. Additionally, in our brand it is transparent who actually invested in the valuable asset und who is just walking around with a fake one. To sum. it up: we are building an unforgeable luxury brand and enable buyers to be a part of this exclusive community.

NF360 will regularly release collections with different artists and artwork. The community is able to participate in the choosing process of selecting the next artists and artwork. But to be clear: we won’t produce mass products; the circle of hodlers will be exclusive at all times.

The NF360 project is unique. The most utility projects work already for the Metaverse. We want to build something unique. An early stage to the Metaverse, where real world assets are combined with the benefits of the blockchain. Regarding our competitors: even if some other projects tries to copy our status quo, we will always be steps ahead with new features, which will keep us unique. And to be honest: we are the originals.

Our brand was founded by five experienced entrepreneurs who brought in their own equity capital. We are not reliant to outside capital.

The NF360 community shall grow, but must not lose its exclusivity. The demand for NFTs and fashion items has to be always higher then the supply. We ensure this with cooperations and marketing campaigns. Additionals we are working on further security mechanisms, which prevents that there will copycats of our fashion, so that you are always sure to wear a real NF360 asset.

The value for the hodler is the combination of the NF360 NFT, the orignal shirt and the accompanying social site. It is possible to copy single elements like the shirt. But the accompanying social site will belong to someone different. The NF360 NFT hodler is able to personalize its social site, so it’s possible to see at first glance who the real owner is. Are there no socials or a personal picture included in the own social site, it is not possible to determine who the real NFT hodler is. QR Code and social site are just the first step. There are unlimited possibilities with the blockchain technology to secure our hodler against copycats.

They are not. The consequence is that after the scan of the QR code, it is not possible to determine who the original owner is. So, the shirt could be a cheap copy. We recommend to personalize the own social site.

The production and refining takes place in Europe.

Yes, this is possible. The new shirts comes with a new QR Code. Scanning the old QR Codes will show, that the old shirt is not unique anymore.

The shirts will be shipped worldwide insuranced in a high-quality packaging.

Yes, every NF360 NFT hodler can order a shirt for 150$ at The minter get the shirt free of charge.

We all publicly commited to this project. That’s why we do everything to keep our promises and deliver. Also friends and family will buy NF360 NFTs with their savings and support the project. All eyes are on us. We cannot afford to lose trust.

Unfortunately this is not possible. You are able to sell it on secondary marketplaces like magic eden or solana art, though.

We have a lot of ideas which we want to bring to life. And that includes to extend the product pallette with other fashion items.

A Solana Wallet with sufficient funds.

In the next few days we will announce at Discord and our Webseite a lenghtly description how to buy an NF360 NFT. Everybody who subscribed to the newsletter on Sweepwidget gets mailed the link directly. The link will also be posted on our website.


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